Welcome to the Primary School

It is with pride that I welcome you to ELA Basel Primary School. Over the past twelve years I have been part of the dedicated team that has led our school on the exciting journey of growth from a Childcare Centre into a fully-fledged Primary School. We provide a rich and stimulating environment where our staff and students value mutual respect and team-spirit. Our ELA Basel Citizens strive to be principled, collaborative, resilient, independent thinkers, risk takers and effective communicators.


Upon graduation from ELA Basel at Primary 8, children transition to a variety of schools, both locally and farther afield. We make it a priority to support parents during the transition process by making bespoke connections with secondary schools of choice and ensuring that transition discussions are detailed and provide an accurate profile of the student. Graduating children may wish to attend international, private or public education systems for secondary schooling.


Michelle Garrett – Head of Primary