Vacation Programme

During many of the Primary School holidays, ELA Basel offers a Vacation Programme. This runs from Monday to Friday and each week is based on a theme.  This year’s Easter Vacation program will take place from Tuesday April 23rd to Friday April 26th, 2019.




TECHLab week


Children 7-9

  • CoSpaces and Physical Programming with Lego + MicroBits

Children 10-12

  • Computer coding activities
  • Design in 3D format

Children 4-6

  • ICT experiences
  • Arts and crafts
  • Outdoor activities


For details please check our complete program here  2019 Easter Vacation Program  and register before Monday, April 8th, 2019!


In between and after activities each week, the children have free play and the opportunity to socialise, ensuring a balance of structured activities. Snacks and lunches are provided.


ELA Silver Jubilee 10% discount offer on 2018-2019 vacation programmes!


Celebrate our Silver Jubilee with us and claim a 10% discount on one of our vacation programmes:

  • The discount will only be applied to one full week of vacation programme for each child
  • The offer runs from 1st of July 2018 until 30th of June 2019
  • The discount can be applied retroactively to those families who have already signed up for 2018-2019 programmes
  • Places are subject to availability