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Friends of ELA Basel

Early Years Classroom activity

The Friends of ELA Basel (FELA) consists of parents and staff working together to support ELA Basel to achieve its mission of fostering a strong community.

FELA’s objectives are to support ELA Basel in providing the best possible all-round educational experience for the children who attend it.

Studens and parents watch a show

Specifically, FELA’s objectives are:

  • To provide and assist with opportunities to enhance the educational experience of the children.
  • To promote and extend the positive relationships between parents, staff, and children, and thus enhance the social wellbeing of the ELA Basel community.
  • To proactively look for opportunities that enables ELA Basel to be a positive contributor to its immediate and wider community.
  • Fundraising to support the above objectives.


In  2018 the FELA committee organised an International Day. Parents, children and staff from all areas of the organisation came together to enjoy a day filled with performances, games and an incredible international buffet.

In 2019 300 children, parents and staff enjoyed a sponsored walk in the Grün 80 Park with proceeds going to the school charities. 

In 2020/2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we had to cancel our planned festivities but we are hopeful that we will be able to plan another exciting event in the spring/summer of 2022.