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Class Parents

ELA Basel parent holding baby

Each primary school class has a parent to act as its representative to help build a strong home-school partnership. Their goals include:

  • Fostering a community spirit amongst parents of their respective class and year group
  • Acting as a central communication point between the parents and the class teacher on matters pertinent to the class
  • Promoting, supporting, publicising and encouraging active participation in ELA Basel or the Friends of ELA Basel initiatives and activities

Class parent representatives may serve for up to two years and are nominated by at least one other parent.



Primary child making a model in art class

Fostering Community Spirit

As desired and when possible, ELA Basel Class Parents will organise informal out-of-school social events to foster community spirit amongst the children and parents of the class and potentially the year group. These could be in the form of coffee mornings for parents to connect, and BBQs or cultural celebrations that involve families.


ELA Basel Class Parents may be requested, by the class teachers, to assist in the distribution or collection of information pertinent to the class or year group. From time to time, requests may be made for ELA Basel Class Parents to co-ordinate volunteers to assist in activities in the school or to help with excursions and so on.


ELA Basel Class Parents meetings are usually held once each semester.