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Our Community

Students walking together in a line

ELA Basel - The Swiss British school is a vibrant international community of 360 children aged three months to 12 years from 35 different countries. Since 1993 we have offered our families a 'home away from home' for their children where opportunities for academic, personal and social development are second to none in Basel.

We believe it 'takes a village' to educate children and so we truly value the contributions of every member of our community from our volunteer Board to our Class Parent Representatives and other parent helpers. We encourage everyone to be a leader in our school from the staff team to the children as elected members of the School Council or as House Captains.

Head of Primary Present Trophy

"ELA Basel is like a 'home away from home' for my two children in Early Years. It makes all the difference to our family knowing how much care and attention each child receives in a safe, secure and nurturing setting"

Early Years Family, June 2020

"I would like to repeat again that the teachers did an amazing job during the school closure, the best they could in the situation. Both my kids have been able to go through this with a smile. Thank you!"

P5 Parent, May 2020

"I’m an Early Years parent and think that ELA Basel’s level of communication and responsiveness has been outstanding. I appreciate the helpfulness of the home lesson plans, but nothing can replace the social and intellectual stimulation my child is getting at ELA Basel. Thank you to all of the staff for their continued support during the lockdown."

Early Years Parent, May 2020

"I’m impressed by how quickly ELA Basel staff worked to immediately continue learning during these difficult times of the pandemic. We have friends back home in the US whose children received no online/home learning for over a month while the schools navigated how to continue. I’m very grateful for the school and teachers hard, dedicated work to continue teaching my children. Thank you!"

P4 Parent, May 2020

"My children truly loved their time at ELA Basel which is a truly caring school. We are very grateful that we found your school and our children had the opportunity to learn at ELA Basel."

P6 Family, June 2020

"We've had nothing but a pleasureable experience during our time at ELA Basel. It's a wonderful school with excellent leadership. Not to mention the teachers were of the highest quality with small class sizes. ELA Basel is a special place that is doing wonderful things. Keep it up!"

P8 family, June 2020

Primary child outside on a wooden playgroun apparatus

"Dear ELA Basel Team - You did a fantastic job in these difficult times. Thank you for taking care of every minute detail and providing a safe environment for our kids!"

P2 Family, June 2020

What our students say

"ELA Basel has taught me not just a lot of things for life, but also not to stress too much about life and enjoy my experiences."

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"Our teachers are kind, helpful, generous and supportive."

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"I have experienced friendship, knowledge, and creativity. I have also learnt to stand up for what I think is right and how to be myself." 

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"I am excited and prepared for secondary school.".

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"I hope my new school will provide the same knowledge and kindness - nothing could compete with ELA Basel's atmosphere and teaching."

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"I will always cherish the friends I have made." 

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"ELA Basel has helped me to grow-up, to be happy, mature, thoughtful, and independent."

Primary 8 Student, 2020

"The teachers are very caring and treat us like family."

Primary 8 Student, 2020

8 years

Average enrollment duration


Children speak German as first language


After-school activities


Children on the roll


Children learn a musical instrument


Years of excellence since 1993


Maximum class size


Different Nationalities


Parent satisfaction in 2020 survey


Primary children score 60% above average in benchmarked English and Maths tests

6 years

Average tenure of teaching staff