Living in Basel

Basel is a fantastic place to live. There is a plethora of cultural and outdoor activities that keeps families entertained for days. Families can explore the old town of Basel and enjoy its many parks. Basel and Switzerland also lend themselves to experiences that bring the curriculum alive for the children.


ELA Basel embraces its location in Basel and the many opportunities this offers to enhance the curriculum by exploring Basel and learning about Swiss culture. Diversity of language is an integral part of  Swiss culture and we acknowledge and celebrate this fact. All children in the Primary School are taught German, and French is introduced from Primary 4; this focus on language acquisition enables the children to integrate fully into Basel life.


In order to ensure that the curriculum is truly engaging and relevant, the children and staff take advantage of being in Basel at every opportunity. There are numerous visits to local attractions, such as Basel Zoo, churches, parks and the river Rhine. In addition to this there are many museums, such as Basler Papiermühle, Historisches Museum, Fondation Beyeler, Kunstmuseum, Museum der Kulturen, Jüdisches Museum der Schweiz, Vitra Design Museum and the Museum für Musik. ELA Basel is fortunate to have a central location which means the children can walk to many of these places, and others are only a tram ride away on Basel’s efficient public transport system. The children learn about and participate in many local traditions and events, such as Vogel Gryff and Fasnacht. This is how they make real-life connections with the curriculum, and genuine connections with learning.


Each year, our Primary 6, 7 and 8 children embark on their ELA Basel Ski Trip to Davos. Staff and children spend three days and nights at the ski camp, where the children develop their skiing skills on differentiated slopes. This is a highlight of the year and promotes positive social interaction between our oldest year groups. The graduating Primary 8 children also attend a Swiss cultural residential trip in celebration of their final year of Primary School.