Lower Primary children in class learning german

Lower Primary After-School Programme

Lower Primary (Primary 1 and Primary 2 children)

ELA Basel’s After-School Programme (15:30 – 18:00) offers children the opportunity to be supervised after school whilst engaging in fun activities.

These are some examples of our previous After School Programme activities

Let's share a story

Children have the opportunity to learn about different stories and to retell and recreate them in an interactive, fun way that will develop a variety of skills. Children will also be given the opportunity to act as characters, playing roles that link to real life situations.

Around the world

Children will learn about different countries, cultures, and ways of life from around the world. They will have the chance to explore how other people live, including what they eat, what they wear, and the differences and similarities between us all. It will include various activities, such as creating flags, passports, and possibly starting correspondence with a pen pal.

Learning through play

Playing is fun! It helps children learn, grow and develop. Children play for different reasons. During this activity they can explore and learn new things, consolidate existing learning or practise a skill. Different types of play including social play, fantasy play, constructive play, and games with rules will help build stronger relationships between the children.

Exploring great artists

Exploring great artists is an introduction to great artists past and present. Children will discover the different styles and techniques of each artist and experience a variety of materials used in the creative process. Most importantly activities are open-ended and focus on discovery, exploration and individual creativity.

Deutsch macht Spass

Children will learn German through play, stories, arts and crafts activities, singing songs and interactive conversations with each other. Children can improve their language skills and will become more independent and confident in German, all in a fun and interesting way.

A teacher leads a German Language activity as students watch on