The Board of ELA Basel – The Swiss British School


The Board of our School is responsible for the strategic direction of ELA Basel and for good governance. The school is a Swiss not-for-profit „Verein“ and the Verein Board is the ultimate governing body. We are a denominationally and politically neutral non-profit organisation according to Art. 60 ff. ZGB, located in Basel, Switzerland. Parents, as members of the Verein, elect individual Board members for two year terms at our Annual General Meeting.


Our Board consists of eight parents and non-parents with diverse experience and personal histories. The board composition includes educationalists, HR professionals, legal and finance specialists and executives from the major Basel companies. The Board is responsible for approving all major changes to the organisation, as well as for appointing our Executive Director, who reports to the Board. Recently, for example, the Board has worked on ELA’s brand strategy and Social Media plan, on ELA’s staff policies and on investments to accompany our School’s growth. The Board also reviews and approves the annual financial budget, the quarterly reports of Early Years and the Primary School as well as the annual financial statement of the Verein.


Parents and staff are welcome to contact the Board by writing an email to with suggestions or submissions regarding the School’s strategy and governance. Operational matters in connection with the management of the school should be addressed to the Executive Director and the Leadership Team. Topics related to a particular class may, of course, be raised to the Parent Class Representative.


The Board also represents our school towards external organizations and answers to parents, as Verein members, in particular at our Annual General meeting. ELA Basel is accredited and approved by the Educational Department of Basel-Stadt. As such, the School has held the Basel-Stadt Secondary School Transition Agreement since 2017. ELA Basel is also a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS).


The constitution of our School, formally known as the “Early Learning Association Verein” is available in both German and English in the parent section of the website.