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Learning Support

Children sitting and reading together

AT ELA Basel we understand that every child has individual learning needs at each point in their learning journey. Many of our children are multi-lingual, all children from Year 3 upwards learn three languages in the school and some children arrive in Basel with no English or German.Similarly, we seek to provide extended enrichment opportunities for those children ready to take on additional challenges. Our aim is to enable all our children to flourish by unlocking their talents to enable them to reach their full potential - emotionally, socially and academically.

A teacher working with a student at a primary school in Basel

This means supporting your child to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of school life, alongside their peers. We have established a tiered system of learning support led by a dedicated and skilled team of inclusion specialists. We offer different levels of intervention dependent on the individual learning needs. For some children, this might mean targeted strategies delivered in the classroom by the teacher and teaching assistant. Where children need additional help they may be given more support including in Mathematics, English, social, emotional, speech and motor development.

We also provide targeted support for children with little or no English. Other children may require more specialised support in the form of a Personal Learning Plan with goals set in agreement with the child, parents and class teacher. For an additional charge, we can also provide more specialised services of 1:1 or small group support led by our team or by accredited external providers.

We are extremely proud of the children's progress at our school with 60% of the children achieving above average in internationally benchmarked tests in English, Maths and German. We work closely with parents to provide the personalised support that each child needs in order to learn, grow and thrive in our setting.