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ELA Basel Director and Head of Primary present a certificate

ELA Basel Citizen Values

ELA Basel aims to nurture future citizens who make a positive contribution to their community. We have developed a set of six ELA Basel Citizen Values that underpin our Mission Statement.

ELA Basel citizens are:

  • Independent Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Principled
  • Resilient
  • Collaborative
  • Risk-takers

These core values are explicitly focused on within our curriculum. The children are encouraged to display them in a variety of contexts, both in school and beyond when representing the school on expeditions or trips. We believe these values support the children in developing well-rounded character and enables them to integrate in the local Swiss community in a positive manner.

ELA Basel Citizen Values

Mission Statement

Developing global minded ness with integration into the Basel community, ELA Basel builds a strong foundation for learning and growth from the earliest age based on developing children's hearts, characters and minds. For children in both its Early Years care and in its Primary School, ELA Basel is committed to providing an excellent education through its British curricular framework.

ELA Basel cultivates the values of respect, integrity, compassion and intellectual independence and challenges children to learn with creativity and curiosity while fostering a sense of responsibility toward others both within the school and in the community. ELA Basel nurtures and educates children, shaping inspired and empowered citizens who embrace the diversity in others and the uniqueness in themselves.

ELA Basel Citizens are...