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ELA Basel Tuitions and Fees

Application Fees and Deposit

Once your application has been successful, the following fees and deposits are payable before your child's first day of attendance at ELA Basel.

Fees payable prior to attending ELA Basel
Registration Deposit    
Registration1 per child CHF 500 One time only. Non-refundable
Refundable Deposit - first child CHF 1500

One time only. Refundable2

Refundable Deposit - second+ child  CHF 1000

One time only. Refundable2

Association Membership3 CHF 75 Annual. Non-refundable

1 The Registration component of the Registration Deposit is a contribution towards the administrative costs at the start of the contract, and the transition and on-going support costs at the end of the contract.

2 The Refundable Deposit is refundable upon completion of the contractual notice period and settlement of all outstanding fees. Full details are contained in the contract.

3 ELA Basel is a registered not-for-profit association known as a verein. As a legal requirement, in order for a child to attend ELA Basel at least one parent must be a member of the association. There is an annual administrative cost of CHF 75 per member. More than one parent may be a member, noting that each membership carries the annual membership cost.

You can learn more about the verein at our page on Governance and the Board.

ela basel fee structure August 2023

Tuition Fees