2019 Basel Stadlauf

Go ELA Basel Go!


On Saturday 31st November 2019, lots of children ran in the Basel Stadtlauf (city marathon). The Basel Stadtlauf takes place every year in November and the length of distance a child runs is dependent on his/her age and class level. Boys and girls run separately, in different groups. There are also different sectors, which is reflected on your race number and this is the point from where one will start their race.


At the race it is possible to buy a flashing heart in support of the charity. Anyone who has a heart that is flashing and runs across the finish line will send CHF 5 to the charity and help people in need. So make sure you buy those hearts!


After I ran the Stadtlauf this year, I felt proud of myself because I knew I did better than last year. I also knew that anyone else that ran Stadtlauf also tried their best. What I also liked is that before the race ELA Basel gathers to give support to the participants that are running. We do little warm ups and we talk to our friends, till we have to run. This creates a nice and supportive atmosphere. After the finish line, it is a little bit chaotic but ELA Basel has a big banner and lots of teachers to help chidren find their parents.


I love running and I love to participate in Stadtlauf.  This was my fourth time to participate and I am looking forward to running next year.


By Leilah P6K