Standardised Assessment Results 2016-18


Each year ELA Basel primary pupils take part in standardised tests in Maths and English. These form a useful benchmark which enable us to see how our students are progressing year on year and against similar schools in the UK and around the world.


The Progress Test in Maths (PTM) by GL Assessment is a standardised assessment of pupils’ mathematical skills and knowledge. PTM assesses two dimensions of maths learning:

  1. Mathematical content knowledge (Curriculum Content Category)
  2. Understanding and applying mathematical processes through reasoning and problem solving (Process Category)

The progress Test in English (PTE) is a standardased assessment of pupils’ technical English skills (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and reading comprehension. This is designed for use year on year to support teachers in benchmarking student’s English knowledge, and measure their progress over time. This can help in identifying those in need of extra help, as well as those who are particularly able.



These encouraging results show that ELA Basel children are achieving consistently high scores for both Maths and English, with the proportion in both subjects scoring above average also rising over the two year period.